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Sunday Night Football Email

By Steve Valach, 09/02/18, 9:45PM PDT


Patriot Football Family -

Friday night was one of the coolest moments I can remember in my 20 years at Liberty. From the National Anthems for both teams, to the 5th quarter together, to Blake and Kevin sharing with everyone, it doesn't get any better! It was beautiful! 

One of the commitments the team made for themselves is to play for a purpose greater than themselves, and Friday was SO much bigger than any one person! Again, a huge thanks to Amy Carr and helpers for feeding our guests before the game and all those who contributed with feeding the teams in 5th quarter. 

Things for this week :

1. Monday, C Team vs Redmond, 6:00 PM, at Liberty  - We are excited to watch you play! Check your messages from Coach Tremblay regarding report time. 

2. Monday, Varsity Practice, 2:30 - 5:30 - we will workout, watch film, and practice in helmets and shoulder pads. 

3. Tuesday, Full Team Practice, 2:30 - 5:00 - full pads, both varsity and C team practice. 

4.  Wednesday, Lifting, 8:15 - 9:00 AM - each Wednesday morning the 10th - 12th graders will stretch and lift. We realize there may be some conflicts with Wednesday morning dentist appointments, working with teachers before school, or urgent ride situations. Please communicate the day before, or sooner, when you have a conflict. 

5. Wednesday Practice 4:00 - 6:15 and Thursday practice 3:10 - 5:30

6. PURPOSE SWEATSHIRTS FOR SALE - We have some extra PURPOSE sweatshirts to sell. If you are interested, email Natasha Valach at


Coach Valach